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Turn your special occasion into unforgettable fun, and exciting event for you and your friends. 

Hosting a CRAZEXperience is as simple as gathering your friends and we’ll handle the rest. Great for bachelorette parties, girls’ night, birthday parties, corporate event, sorority, and couple/single parties.

CRAZEXperience is designed to give you a unique experience to celebrate your event the way you wants. With just a simple three-step process:  

  1. Choose from one of our 3 packages (50% required at time of booking)  

  2. Put your guest list together (additional guest pass can be purchased)

  3. Arrive ready to have a fabulous time. 

You should leave with a new experience, laughter and your creative masterpiece. A representative will assist you along the way. 

Your celebrations will never be the same after you attend a Craze Experience.

  • CRAZEXperience starts as low as $45 per guest with a 50% deposit for each guest at the time of booking. 

  • All you have to do is get your friends together we’ll take care of the rest at our fully designed event space


Take your celebration to a whole new level, while creating an unforgettable experience with your friends, schedule your party today:

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